Introduction to Handball for 12-15 years old boys and girls

Handball Club Toronto is excited to announce its first Introduction to Handball session dedicated to Junior (12 to 15 years old). It is open to boys and girls for coed session.

The practice will take place from 1PM to 2:30PM  in Danforth Collegiate and Technical Institute (more information about gym access and parking available on this page Handball Schedule).

Fill free to contact us for more information.

CTHF National Championships 2020 Announced

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CTHF National Championships 2020 has been announced:

Championship Dates Location Organizer
Youth May 22-25, 2020 Lévis, QC Fédération Québécoise de Handball
Junior May 29 and June 1st, 2020 Montréal/Laval, QC Fédération Québécoise de Handball
Senior May 15-18, 2020 Lévis, QC Fédération Québécoise de Handball

Looking forward to participate to this great competition.

Celtique claim inaugural Toronto Cup Championship

Bear Creek Secondary School in Barrie, On. was the place to be on Nov. 23 and 24 as it hosted some of the top handball talent in North America.

Serving at the battleground for the first ever Toronto Cup hosted by Handball Club Toronto (HCT), those in attendance were treated to some fantastic matches of skill, sportsmanship and excitement.

On the men’s side, a thrilling championship match between HCT 1 and Club de Handball Celtique de Montreal decided a winner, and despite a late push from HCT, it was not enough to overcome the strong defense and balanced attack from Celtique. The final score of the match was 23-20.

In the bronze medal match, Westpoint Team Handball showcases their superior athleticism and took control the entire match, winning 34-18 over HCT 2.

Here is a complete breakdown of scores & results:

HCT (1) 26 – HCT (2) 16
Celtique 40 – Westpoint 26
HCT (2) 11 – Celtique 29
HCT (1) 30 – Westpoint 28
Championship: HCT (1) 20 – Celtique 23
3rd place: HCT (2) 18 – Westpoint 34

The top five scores for the tournament on the men’s side were:

1. Kendrick Thomas (Westpoint) 23
2. Aleksa Lukic (HCT 1) 22
3. Zacharie Ouallouche (Celtique) 15
4. Pierre Mainville (Celtique) 13
5. Juan Sotes (HCT 1) 13

On the women’s side, a familiar face reigned supreme. Celtique ran the table going undefeated in the round robin tournament en route to the championship. Their toughest test came at the hands of HCT, who lost by four goals. In second place was HCT with three wins and one loss and in third was Westpoint Black with two wins and two losses.

Here is a complete breakdown of the results from the women’s side:

HCT 15 – Penn State 5
Celtique 16 – Westpoint Black 11
HCT 17 – Westpoint Gold 7
Penn State 11 – Celtique 28
Westpoint Black 27 – Westpoint Gold 10
HCT 11 – Celtique 15
Penn State 4 – Westpoint Black 22
Celtique 31 – Westpoint Gold 12
HCT 19 – Westpoint Black 11
Westpoint Gold 10 – Penn State 13

The top scores on the women’s side included:

1. Agathe Lejeunesse (Celtique) 20
2. Sarah Sodini (HCT) 19
3. Veronica Fong (Celtique) 18
4. Ansley Devenport (Westpoint Black) 16
5. Michelle D’Harcourt (HCT) 16

Special thanks to all the teams travelling and participating in the tournament and embodying the Handball spirit as well as our referees and volunteers. Now with a fantastic tournament in the books, HCT will look to build on the success and grow the Toronto Cup into one of the premier events in the handball community.

Toronto Cup – Live Scores

Mens Results:

Game 1: Handball Club Toronto (1) 26 – Handball Club Toronto (2) 16

Game 2: Club de Handball Celtique 40 – Westpoint Team Handball 26

Game 5: Handball Club Toronto (2) 11 – Club de Handball Celtique 29

Game 8: Handball Club Toronto (1) 30 – Westpoint Team Handball 28

Game 12 (championship match): Handball Club Toronto (1) 20 – Club de Handball Celtique 23

Game 13 (3rd place game): Handball Club Toronto (2) 18 – Westpoint Team Handball 34

Women’s Results: 

Game 3: Handball Club Toronto 15 – Penn State Team Handball 5

Game 4: Club de Handball Celtique 16 – Westpoint Team Handball Black 11

Game 6: Handball Club Toronto 17 – Westpoint Team Handball Gold 7

Game 7: Penn State Team Handball 11 – Club de Handball Celtique 28

Game 9: Westpoint Team Handball Black 27 – Westpoint Team Handball Gold 10

Game 10: Handball Club Toronto 11 – Club de Handball Celtique 15

Game 11: Penn State Team Handball 4 – Westpoint Team Handball Black 22

Game 14: Club de Handball Celtique 31 – Westpoint Team Handball Gold 12

Game 15: Handball Club Toronto 19 – Westpoint Team Handball Black 11

Game 16: Westpoint Team Handball Gold 10 – Penn State Team Handball 13

HCT to host inaugural Toronto Cup

Handball Club Toronto (HCT) will host our first ever tournament, taking place on Sat. Nov. 23 and Sun. Nov. 24 at Bear Creek Secondary School in Barrie.

The tournament will feature strong competition with five teams in both a men’s and women’s division, represented from Canada and the United States of America. The format will include each team playing one another in a round-robin. The champions of each division will be decided based off the total points combined from the four match outcomes.

On the men’s side, the teams competing include: HCT 1 and 2, West Point Team Handball and Club de Handball Celtique de Montréal.

On the women’s side, it will feature tournament hosts HCT, Penn State Handball Club, Westpoint Team Handball Gold and Black, and Celtique.

For full schedule of games, see below: