Our Club


Founded in 2018, Handball Club Toronto offers weekly handball training and league games in the heart of the GTA, as well as participation at national and international tournaments for adult male and female players.

Our goal is to promote and develop Handball in the Toronto area. We are proud of already having more than 40 committed players – full rosters of women’s and men’s teams. Our players are experienced or new to this team sport. Some are from Canada, others from pretty much everywhere else. We have students as well as professionals. True diversity making our club unique!

Most importantly, our teams are fun and welcoming – so Handball Club Toronto is the opportunity to meet, bond and play the sport we love in and around Toronto.

Board of Directors

Position Name
President Alex Fragotsis
General Manager Steffen Dubé
Treasurer Alexis Renaud
Technical Manager Nicolas Dryzun
Secretary Jason Miller